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Business advantage

Production equipment a Advantages of Xinqiao Machinery's short-stroke aluminum extrusion press Compared with the traditional long-stroke aluminum extrusion press, the short-stroke aluminum extrusion press has the following advantages.

1. Because the stroke is shortened, the non-extrusion time is shorter, so the production efficiency is higher.

2. Because the stroke is shortened, the manufacturing material is reduced, so the cost is lower.

3. The push rod system is controlled by servo motor, the displacement sensor is used for the movement of the extrusion rod and the rod loading machine, and the induction switch is interlocked to achieve the effect of double protection, so that the whole rod feeding action is faster, more accurate and more reliable.

4. The heating method of the ingot cylinder adopts the direct heating of the plug-in heating tube. Compared with the traditional outsourcing indirect heating, the hot sale can be better and the heating time is faster.

5. The design of the square cutter bar greatly improves the cutting accuracy, and the installation and maintenance of the excess pressure components and the cutter bar are more convenient.

6. Due to the shortening of the formation, the length of the tension column and the main cylinder will be shortened, so the accuracy and stability of the main frame of the extruder are improved.

7. In addition, the short-stroke extruder generally adopts a high-pressure design. Therefore, as the pressure increases, the diameter of the oil cylinder can be correspondingly reduced under the same tonnage. The speed is faster and the production efficiency is higher when the total flow of the oil pump remains unchanged.

8. Because the diameter of the cylinder is reduced, the required hydraulic oil is correspondingly reduced, thereby reducing the cost of use and environmental protection.