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Special report on recycled aluminum industry: dual carbon empowerment, recycled aluminum enters the golden age

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In 2021, China's robot industry will shoulder a new era mission. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation have accelerated the evolution, and a new generation of information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing are deeply integrated with the robot industry, helping the high-quality economic development and serving people's life. At the same time, the robot industry has also ushered in a window period of upgrading and leapfrog development.

During the COVID-19, Hatchie intelligent logistics robot took no untouched delivery task in Guangzhou Ivy community, sent the express packages, vegetable & fruit to the doorstep of the residents. During the rush hour, the daily delivery of single robot exceeded 100 single, which effectively reduced the risk of "human transmission". Hu Jiawen, CEO of Hatchie Zhi said. The large-scale commercial use of logistics robots is the "epitome" of the great development of service robots in China in recent years.

For a long time, robot operating system, control platform and driving platform are "moat" technologies monopolized by overseas giants. In order to realize independent, controllable and domestic substitution as soon as possible, a large number of domestic enterprises have launched continuous research.

At the robot group booth of Harbin Institute of technology, several small black boxes attracted many people in the industry to stop and ask. Liu Pengfei, head of the intelligent controller project of the robot (Hefei) International Innovation Research Institute of Harbin Institute of technology, told reporters that this is the core components of the next generation robot - operating system, controller and integrated driving unit.